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The Transparency Project is a non-profit institute organized to educate the public and policy makers on issues related to transparency in public policy, particularly as regards the involvement of foreign governments and their agents in domestic politics and political movements in areas that include discrimination on the basis of race, gender, ethnicity, and national origin.


Our think tank is a clearinghouse to promote studies, develop reports, and promulgate research in this area, with an aim towards developing policy recommendations that will have an impact in facilitating transparency when it comes to foreign involvement in US political movements and policymaking.

The Transparency Project seeks to protect our democratic system by promoting a healthier, more transparent debate about foreign policy issues and shedding a light on all foreign-state aligned forces who seek to influence US public opinion and our political process.

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Your donations play a crucial role in advancing issues related to transparency in public policy

and combating antisemitism and the BDS movement.

> Funding Advocacy and Awareness

> Independent Analysis

> Research and Policy Development

> Public Education

> Technology and Innovation

and more. 


The Transparency Project is a 503c3 tax exempt organization.

all contribution are tax deductible


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